What we do.
We help companies find that place where a great product meets the right market.

Products with Purpose

Product development is our craft. We are a mission-driven team focused on building the perfect product for the right market. We are experts in software development and creating intuitive interfaces.



Design | HocNest

Creating intuitive interfaces that users will appreciate and love.

Software Development | HocNest</hocnest>

Building applications with powerful and scalable code to convert ideas into reality.

Devops | HocNest
DevOps & Cloud

Securing environments, maintaining availability, and simplifying delivery.

Data Analytics | HocNest
Data Analytics

Determining what data to gather and making it available across the organization.


Design data systems to protect companies' success without hindering the ease of future development.

Agile Coaching | HocNest
Agile Coaching

Implementing agile best practices and improving workflows.


Some of our favorites tools that power our applications.

Ruby on Rails

Our go-to framework is Ruby on Rails. We have extensive experience in writing scalable software with rails at high velocity and quality.


Component-Based Architecture is one that we adopt in many projects which is why we love using React.

React Native

React Native allows us to use existing React code and rapidly ship mobile applications for iOS and Android applications.

3rd Party Integration

In today's world, we need our applications to talk with third-party tools. Our engineers have integrated a long list of these services and ready to help you do the same.


We use Redis because it is optimized for speed while maintaining atomicity. This allows us to scale and keep data integrity.


Publishing and Subscribing messages can empower software applications to communicate and scale with one another.

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